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WE MAKE THE FUTURE OF NDT-Currently Nawoo is trying to expand overseas business to be a leading company in global NDT markets.

Nawoo R&D line

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Nawoo R&D is forecasting the future of NDT testing through accumulated know-how and is unceasingly improving technology through NDT inspection field research and development.
Nawoo R&D is concentrating on developing NDT automation systems, radioisotope sources, radiation safety equipment, and radiations sensors.

Nawoo R&D line

Main Projects

  • Industrial-Educational Cooperation Consortium
    • Developing live-image device and Gd turning cover for Neutron Radio Rafi NDT testing
  • Medium & Small innovative development work
    • Developing eddy current test probes (Finished)
  • Electric Power Industry Research and Development Work
    • The new technology of steam generator heat damage evaluation solves flaw detection errors.
  • Consortium business for community innovation
    • Developing intelligent ultrasonic flaw detection systems
  • Medium & Small innovative development work
    • Developing NDT systems for flaw detection of reformer tubes
  • Industrial-Educational Cooperation consortium
    • Developing bombed alarm for radiation systems
  • Joint research with next-generation industrial radiation technology center
    • Developing US-NDT system
  • Developing C-scan program and ultrasonic automatic testing
  • Supporting Industrial-Educational Cooperation (Nawoo Lab.)
    • Developing digital gamma image module for radiographic non-destructive testing
  • Developing digital radiographic measuring instrument (Radiation technology & development lab.
  • Developing compound radiation sensor and measuring instrument (Korea Atomic Energy Research)