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WE MAKE THE FUTURE OF NDT-Currently Nawoo is trying to expand overseas business to be a leading company in global NDT markets.

Jikdong Laboratory

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Jikdong Laboratory is specialized in manufacturing NDT automation system and developing gamma ray source.

  • Importing Radioactive Isotope(SOURCE)
    • Ir-192 ,Co-60 Se-75, Cesium-137, Ytterbium-169, Am-241
  • Domestic production plan of Radioactive Isotope(2014)
    • President : finishing of discussion with foreign manufacturer about transfer pig-tail manufacturing technology
    • Manufacturing Radioactive Isotope(Ir-192)(Installing hot-cell facility)
  • Developing Radioactive Isotope Project(2014)
    • Ir-192 Project for 100 Curies for 50 Curies
Jikdong Laboratory